ZenCash(ZEN) Investment Trust launched by Grayscale Investments

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June 15, 2018 by
ZenCash(ZEN) Investment Trust launched by Grayscale Investments

ZenCash(ZEN) is one of the most recoiling and also censorship-resistant personal privacy cryptocurrency blockchain and privacy coin. It has a market capitalization of $82,687,196 USD and also a distributing supply of 4,061,138 ZEN.


Grayscale Investments introduced today that it is beginning its nine investment product this year, ahead out in the 3rd quarter. It will be called “Zencash Investment company” and will be concentrated on the cryptocurrency ZEN.


The news was made by Michael Sonnenshein, handling director at Grayscale, at Yahoo Financing’s All Market Top: Crypto event in San Francisco. This is similar to Zcash (a privacy-based cryptocurrency), and also Grayscale already operates a Zcash Investment Trust. Grayscale’s items are readily available to certified financiers for the first year. After a year, they will certainly be made easily accessible to the public.


Unlike other privacy-based cryptos, Zencash, Sonnenshein claimed, can be made use of not just for loan but for private messaging, documents storage space, and web gain access to. The investment firm plans to publish a financial investment thesis in the 3rd quarter additionally outlining the reasons why they selected it to construct an investment product around it.


This [ZEN] was attacked by a Blockchain cyberpunk on 3rd June, at 2:43 UTC. ZenCash network was targeted at 51% strike on 2nd June.ZenCash definitely should purchase robust as well as scalable technology to prevent such hacks in the future.

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