Ethereum (ETH): Cryptage game built on Ethereum Blockchain

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June 19, 2018 by
Ethereum (ETH): Cryptage game built on Ethereum Blockchain

Ethereum [ETH] being one of the most popular Blockchain technologies in the crypto-world is much sought after. The decentralized platform runs smart contracts and applications which run as they’re programmed. These smart contracts and applications run with no possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or interference from third-party. The cryptocurrency saw a price rise around 9% on Thursday, 14th June, 2018. This upsurge in the price seems to be the aftereffect of the SEC declaring that Ethereum isn’t a security.

Being one of the most popular Blockchains, it comes as no surprise that Cryptage Origins, a game has been built on it. The game, which is a first in a series is a combination of idle strategy and card trading. Cryptage simulates a not-so-distant future where the world is ruled by Blockchain Technology and passing of time is measured in ETH Blocks. In this dystopian crypto-punk world, players will have to build their own Blockchain venture to rise to the top.

Play it right and you can quickly rise through the levels and win bonus cards. The game currently has 45 unique collectible cards including various locations, characters, projects, mining equipment, and booster cards.

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Gaming enthusiasts can start playing now on the public beta version which is available. Cryptage Origins is up and running on the Kovan Ethereum test network. To start playing you’ll need MetaMask and an internet browser like Chrome, Firefox or Opera.

A Redditor called Msojilo commented saying,

” I’ve been playing it for some time and it’s biggest problem is addiction:-RRB-“.

The decentralization and easy usage aspects of the Ethereum Blockchain have made it a popular choice among all industries. The food industry, gaming industry, art industry as well as e-commerce platforms have advanced their fields using  this.

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