Ethereum Blockchain to be used to find the next K-Pop Idol

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September 3, 2018 by
Ethereum Blockchain to be used to find the next K-Pop Idol

Blockchain  modern technology believes transformed the technical world, used is several rounds like remittance repayments, healthcare facility documents, circulation of universal basic income and so on yet among its most interesting applications remains in Korea’s show business.

The South Korean entertainment carrier, z-POP Dream Task intends to utilize the technology to find the new K-Pop star as well as build the approaching enjoyment platform. K-Pop or Korean Pop has actually ended up being the brand-new face of the Oriental show business, with its popularity not just restricted to Asia yet has spread throughout the globe.

The purpose is to construct a wide variety of talent and also an overarching framework for the exploration of new talent for Z-POP worth a whopping $46 billion, as voiced by their Chief Executive Officer Jun Kang to the Korea Herald.

Voting, being just one of the crucial aspects in the talent organisation will certainly be built on an Ethereum blockchain, in order to guarantee protection and openness of the tally. The purpose of this relationship will certainly be to support as well as help expand talent, increase their follower base and aid create future pop stars.

A “Star Creation” segment is also on the cards, with the Z-POP Desire Audition being held in the complying with locations: Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore.

A token system has also been executed for this program, with a preliminary token offering scheduled for October. The token system will operate with a two-pronged objective, to produce a lasting structure for the project so that it could grow and the various other will be to develop a global money making platform that will construct a streamlined process to channelize the token income created by the company.

Z-Pop Desire will certainly have its own cryptographic token, the ZPOP coin, which has a whitelist price of $0.08 for 1ZPOP. The overall supply will be 4 billion tokens, 1 $10 million soft cap, as well as a $100 million tough cap.

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