Coinbase shuts critics, all set to open office in Portland

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June 29, 2018 by
Coinbase shuts critics, all set to open office in Portland

Coinbase a leading U.S. cryptocurrency exchange and wallet provider announced on June 28 that they’re opening a new office in Portland, United States. Currently, users trade Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and will soon be able to trade Ethereum Classic (ETC).

The report suggests that the Coinbase exchange took the office on a seven-year lease. As per the blog post, the U.S. cryptocurrency exchange will be adding up to 100 new jobs to the Portland economy this year and will possibly add more as the company grows.

Coinbase has been subjected to heavy criticism recently due to its failed customer service across the board. According to a report by Cointelegraph, some documents acquired by Mashable through a five-month Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) process comprised of 134 pages of complaints that users of the exchange filed. Users complained of difficulties in accessing funds, being locked out of access, the problem in transferring funds between accounts and not receiving due funds. Mashable even wrote that the filings form a “troubling pattern”. It shows that the users are attributing their losses and mismanagement by Coinbase.

Despite all the criticisms and shortcomings, the company announced recently that it has plans to expand their Japan markets by opening a new office. The exchange also added that there will be a suite of products to facilitate institutional investments. They’ll even apply for a license with the country’s financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), within a year.

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