Trains as Primary Form of Transportation

I’ve always be a bit of an antidisestablishmentarianist. But lately I’ve found this part of me rekindled after seeing an awesome documentary on trains and reading a terrifying article about peak oil production and it’s impact on the world.

Here’s my idea, that I’m sure many before me have already proposed;

  • Trade in your cars for a lifetime pass of free train rides plus free car rentals for 10+ years up to 12 times a year, plus holidays, if your destination is outside train accessible areas.
  • Trains to every city in Oregon and Washington.
  • All trains travel upwards of 200 MPH. Portland to Seattle in one hour, Portland to Tillamook (the beach) in 15 minutes.
  • All trains use magnetic trains and their stations and are powered via renewable energy such as solar, wind and water (depending on their location).
  • In order to pay for the maintenance of these trains taxes should be imposed on gas and insurance for residents of cities where the train station exists. Assuming it’s within walking and biking distance (or something like that).
  • Every train has enough storage compartments for 45% of commuters to load with luggage for those traveling
  • Enough trains to service every city every 30 minutes.
  • Very high security to help prevent things like bombings, derailings, etc…
  • Optional upgrade to have private rooms (as with most trains).

As usual; I’d love ideas and feedback.

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