(Solved) Canon MX860 Wireless Printing/Scanning Not Working

We have a Canon MX860 Wireless Printer, Scanner, Copier and Fax in our office. It worked for about a year, and was so simple to setup and operate compared to any other all-in-one on the market. Then, suddenly, it just stopped working wirelessly. I spent hours, repeatedly, trying to troubleshoot the issue but achieved no solution.

Today, I say back down to troubleshoot it once again and… I conquered technology once again! (Without throwing it out my window that is).

Below is a copy of the tutorial I found that helped me see the step(s) I missed that was preventing it from working. Basically it came down to the fact you have to send the network connection information to the printer from the Canon IJ Network Tool. If that doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, just follow the steps below!


  1. Download and install the Canon IJ Network Tool.
  2. So with the Mac connected to the MX860 via USB cable, open Canon IJ Network Tool (which should be located in Applications > Canon Utilities > IJ Network Tool). If you are looking in the other path you mention above, this could be an older version so download and install this latest version of the IJ Network Tool.
  3. With the IJ Network Tool open, the first window talks about adding the printer to the network. Ensure the setting “Use the printer on the network” is set. Click OK
  4. From the next window, the MX860 should be shown and as connected to the Mac via USB. Select it and click OK.
  5. The next window will show the utility searching for wireless access points. A new window will then appear asking you to confirm the connection to the access point and the text will show which access point was found – which should show “Ronald Wikoff’s Network”. Click Yes to continue. When a window appears stating that the Canon IJ Network Tool wants to use your password, click Allow.
  6. Now the window will take several seconds to setup the printer and should show a Setup Completion window. Click OK.
  7. This will make the Add printer window appear. In the list, the “Canon MX860 series (00.00.85.xx.xx.xx)” should be visible. If it is, select it. The “Use” menu should then show “Canon MX860 series”. If it does, click Add. This will add the network printer to the Mac.
  8. If you now open Print & Scan, the “Canon MX860 series (00.00.85.xx.xx.xx)” should be in the printers list, as well as the Canon MX860 series. This latter one is for the USB connection. You could delete this printer and disconnect the USB cable.
  9. The last step is to print a document to this network printer.

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